NH Credit Unions Show Strong Growth in 2008

The 23 credit unions headquartered in New Hampshire have seen growth in assets, deposits, loans and membership according to data compiled from year end reports released recently by the National Credit Union Administration.

Over the year these credit unions had aggregate growth in assets of 11.74% growing to $4.22 billion from $3.8 billion at the first of the year.  This figure exceeds the national growth rate of 7%. 

Savings in New Hampshire credit unions are up by 9.13% since the beginning of the year.  Nationally savings grew by almost 7%.

Some of that money may have been deposited by new credit union members.  The data show that New Hampshire credit unions have added approximately 23,000 new members in 2009 which represents a 5.7% increase.

Despite the fact that consumer has been hearing a great deal about the credit crunch Granite State credit unions are ready to meet their borrowing needs.  Loans outstanding at New Hampshire credit unions have grown by 7.5% or $330 million dollars since the beginning of the year.  Loans were up nationwide by 6.7%

Posted by Robert Kimmett on 04/13 at 05:25 PM